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Bariatric community is a growing network exclusively for Bariatric Patients to connect. Our goal? Help you find your way after weight-loss surgery and make amazing friends along the way. More than a support network, we are a community building lifelong bonds through meaningful fellowship and shared experiences.

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Our mission is to create a safe space for bariatric patients stepping into their healthiest self looking to learn, heal and connect with other bariatric patients. We believe in the sacredness of a fireside chat and the healing power of happy hour, so coming together virtually or for in-person events is the core of Bariatric Community. Our greatest hope is that whether you join us online or at one of our transformative in-person events, we want to empower each and every community member by designating space for validation, support and celebration. 

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Your host, CeCe

When I had VSG surgery I didn't know anyone close to me who could share in my experiences and my first six months was tough. This led me to create the BariDiaries Podcast because I wanted to hear everyone's weight loss surgery stories and connect at a deeper level because unless you've been through it, it's impossible to understand what it's like. This humble little podcast has grown so much that I created the Bariatric Cruise to offer yearly cruises, retreats and girlfriend getaways. Our community keeps growing and our Community will help you find meaningful connections and success in your WLS journey. It's your virtual stomping ground of self-care and a go-to resource for creating long lasting connections on and offline.

Thank you!

To all of you who have sent emails and messages cheering me on and supporting me every step of the way. I want to be here for you too, I'm committed to this path we have all chosen for better health and a better life. See you inside!